Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dandy Candy Wednesday!

Over at eVintage Society, the blog tag train keeps rollin! It's Wednesday again I can't believe it!

We're talkin' about candy today....the colors of candy and vintage...all rolled into one delectable little morsel {for your pleasure}

1) What’s your favorite candy colored vintage piece in your collection?

Well, not clothing - but still vintage, I have a little sugar! Sugar beads, that is! In a nice, olive green color and metallic gold combination - sugar beads are plastic, acrylic, lucite beads that are covered in clear bits of 'sugar' aka teeny tiny clear micro beads or frit to give it that sugary coating. Popular in the 50's, but I've seen them in jewelry as old as 30's. Mine is from the 50's...sweet huh?

2. What’s the sweetest accessory you’re offering right now, or if you don’t have one for sale, tell us about one of your own!
The sweetest, most tempting accessory I'm offering has go to be this aurora borealis red-pink choker necklace. Sweet, inviting, shimmery, tempting. Just lovely!

3. Sweet tooth? What’s your favorite candy?
Aaaah, so hard to decide! On those PMS-y kind of days, I'll take Ghiradelli or Dove {little bits of heaven I tell ya!}
and on the other days, I'll take Cinnamon Bears. Which I can't find ANYWHERE! Wah!

4. Ice cream…..chocolate or strawberry, and why?
This is another depends on my mood kinda thing. I've never just been stuck on liking one same thing all the time I guess...sometimes it's vanilla, other times it's chocolate, then strawberry. And sometimes I just want a Neopolotin bar.

5. “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, classic film or Johnny Depp re-make….and why?
Johnny Depp is certainly brilliant, a magnificent actor of the finest sorts...but I typically don't like how remakes are remade. I'd take the classic tale over the new any day. Johnny should be left to his own unusual, one-of-a-kind, sexy, original vices.

6. Is your personal style sweet or salty? Explain!
Sometimes sweet {I might feel like wearing a simple dress and sandals} and sometimes salty {the next day I might feel like wearing disco attire and sky high heels}. Either way, it's all me and I'll take me just the way I am. Sweet and Salty. Naughty and Nice. tags {The Jersey Girl} next in this fun round of dandy candy!

Angie aka Renee aka

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