Saturday, June 20, 2009

Enjoy an ice cream soda!

Because today is Ice Cream Soda Day!

A wonderful day to stay cool and visit a traditional ice cream soda shop - do you have one in your area?

Ice Cream Soda's always make me happy :)

So, how does one celebrate ice cream soda day?

How about a look back at the 50's in a happy-go-lucky dress that any girl would have been proud to wear to visit the shop?

This would be my pick! A steal at only $58.00!

If you don't have a soda shop nearby, how about making your own using vintage ice cream soda glasses? Fun! Like these...pretty, blue, and only $12.00 plus shipping :) yay!

...happiness is just a click away!

Friday, June 19, 2009 summer nights?

Gotta love vintage nylon, especially on those hot hot summer nights - which are coming right up! Nothing cools you, or feels more delicious against your skin that the delight of soft nylon :) I promise! At ehappyvintage, I'm working on listing more lingerie including this black slip by Van Raalte...nylon Suavette...if you're daring enough you could really wear it as a would be SHOW stopping!

Oh, and I've been running into more Lady Marlene bras (from all eras) that are just this 50's Bra-S-Lette bustier! Isn't it just lovely?

...happiness is just a click away!

Weird, wacky, wonderful days!

Apparently, I'm a big procrastinator!

OK I admit it!

:) I'm a SAG, so that's my excuse!

I'm going to start writing about weird calender days - dates - holidays and finding some clothes to go along with - to celebrate those weird, funky, fun off-the-wall holidays....

because I love finding joy in each day that's given to me. :)

I'll try to keep up with this regularly but with baby on the way, 16 days before she's due, I may slack just a little but I'll be back to write more after she's born.

So, in looking at weird, funky holidays ... today is

Garfield the Cat Day


I love me some Garfield. So does my son. He has like 3 or 4 Garfield comic books and he'll just read them out loud to me and we laugh. :) Good times.

Anyway, what does a chic wear to celebrate Garfield the Cat Day?

Some ideas....

How about a cute little 70's apron? Ha ha it's too cute, and I found it on etsy! It says "Food's Fun"

Too cute!

How about a drink to celebrate lovable Garfield? In Garfield glasses of course! Tee hee!

Any way you choose to celebrate Garfield, here's hoping you have a happy day doing it!