Monday, August 27, 2007

For the love of vintage...

Whether it's rockabilly swing, old hollywood glamour, disco diva, or Carnaby mod style you enjoy, I'm here to blog about it!

My name is Angie, and I own, a website where I offer up the best vintage goodies around including shoes, accessories, clothing, lingerie, and more. I am also a beauty consultant for avon, and you can find my avon website at

Originally, I started offering my son's baby clothes on eBay and it has since morphed into this wonderous love for all things vintage. I don't know how it happened, really, but it did and I find myself on the quest all the time for retro prettiness - to be able to offer them to you!

Nobody really understands my obsession. My boyfriend thinks I 'need to get rid of the stuff I have' before I acquire more but gosh, I have a hard time doing that! *smiles* My friends think I'm a little bit loony...


It's the joy of vintage! Stick around!

XOXO Angie aka Renee