Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today is National Pink Day!

Ahh, one of this gal's favorite colors! A day to get in touch with your feminine side and do everything in pink! Let's see what I found that's vintage and pink...I'm sure the list can be nearly endless!

But how about a sweet pink dress?

Or a fabulous pink and purple Sara Cov demi parure?

OR a darling pink and white lavish 80s bustier bra! Not a bad price, either!

Too sweet! 60's pink pumps with matching toe clips!

Raise a toast to pink day -- I'll take a tiny bit of grenadine to my Sprite please!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Enjoy an ice cream soda!

Because today is Ice Cream Soda Day!

A wonderful day to stay cool and visit a traditional ice cream soda shop - do you have one in your area?

Ice Cream Soda's always make me happy :)

So, how does one celebrate ice cream soda day?

How about a look back at the 50's in a happy-go-lucky dress that any girl would have been proud to wear to visit the shop?

This would be my pick! A steal at only $58.00!

If you don't have a soda shop nearby, how about making your own using vintage ice cream soda glasses? Fun! Like these...pretty, blue, and only $12.00 plus shipping :) yay!

...happiness is just a click away!

Friday, June 19, 2009

...hot summer nights?

Gotta love vintage nylon, especially on those hot hot summer nights - which are coming right up! Nothing cools you, or feels more delicious against your skin that the delight of soft nylon :) I promise! At ehappyvintage, I'm working on listing more lingerie including this black slip by Van Raalte...nylon Suavette...if you're daring enough you could really wear it as a dress...it would be SHOW stopping!

Oh, and I've been running into more Lady Marlene bras (from all eras) that are just lovely...like this 50's Bra-S-Lette bustier! Isn't it just lovely?

...happiness is just a click away!

Weird, wacky, wonderful days!

Apparently, I'm a big procrastinator!

OK I admit it!

:) I'm a SAG, so that's my excuse!

I'm going to start writing about weird calender days - dates - holidays and finding some clothes to go along with - to celebrate those weird, funky, fun off-the-wall holidays....

because I love finding joy in each day that's given to me. :)

I'll try to keep up with this regularly but with baby on the way, soon...like 16 days before she's due, I may slack just a little but I'll be back to write more after she's born.

So, in looking at weird, funky holidays ... today is

Garfield the Cat Day


I love me some Garfield. So does my son. He has like 3 or 4 Garfield comic books and he'll just read them out loud to me and we laugh. :) Good times.

Anyway, what does a chic wear to celebrate Garfield the Cat Day?

Some ideas....

How about a cute little 70's apron? Ha ha it's too cute, and I found it on etsy! It says "Food's Fun"

Too cute!

How about a drink to celebrate lovable Garfield? In Garfield glasses of course! Tee hee!

Any way you choose to celebrate Garfield, here's hoping you have a happy day doing it!

XO ehappyvintage.com

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

OMG I feel like such a blog failure :-(

...since I haven't posted in like FOREVER! What's wrong with me? Well, I closed my ebay store for now, and posted a majority of my vintage clothing and lingerie inventory over to etsy or on my website. eBay's getting a little too unfriendly for me, and so I'll only be posting things there every once in a while to bring in a little traffic every now and again. Mostly, fetish things like lingerie and things of that nature :) you know, the things I love to sell!

So, my etsy shop is located here:
I offer free shipping on most items so be sure to check it out!

In other news, I found out I'm pregnant (due date 8.2 speculative for now), and so I won't get to enjoy a lot of my beloved vintage for a number of months. Boo hoo! However, I am on the look out for CUTE vintage maternity goods so let me know if you come across anything. It's way hard to find vintage maternity things that are CUTE too...actually it's hard to find newer maternity things that are CUTE too. Why?

Have a look at what I can't enjoy while pregnant :) so I get to offer them to you:
80s PURPLE Silky Nylon Jumper XL

Red Frilly Valentine Red Teddy Romper Large

Oh, and I found the most gorgeous candy apple patent red leather Frederick's of Hollywood 50's heels in a size 6 1/2...skyscraper 5" heels! OMG I'm excited I can't wait to get pictures taken of them :) I think if I were a 6 1/2 no one could ever pry them off my feet. I'd wear them all the time....I'm sure someone out there will enjoy them though!