Saturday, March 8, 2008

Taggerific! A friendly lil game of tag eVintage Style!

I'm it now! We're playing tag, thanks to Tressieof Funkoma Vintage Style Recycle Blog, who happens also to be a proud member of eVintage Society.

1. What is your favorite piece of spring vintage wear in your inventory?

It absolutely has to be this Serbin sundress with green four leaf clovers, PINK lady bugs, pink trim and green buttons down the front. Cutesy, no?

2. Why is it your favorite?
Well, whenever I wear people tend to smile. I like smiles. But really, lady bugs are my favorite. I even have a lady bug tattoo. They just signify happiness, wishes come true, and love to me so to have found some pink ones on a dress along with four leaf clovers...well, just know that I'll probably never give it up!

3. What is your favorite spring flower?
By and large, it's a honeysuckle. That sweet smell and even sweeter nectar simply holds so many childhood memories for me. It's divine!

4. Favorite memory of spring?
Well, when I was a school aged kid, I always looked forward to spring break because I was out of that I'm into adulthood, I think my most favorite memory looking back was definitely meeting my bestest of friends in May 1990. What a blessing to have met her. She remains my best friend to this day, and May (spring) will always hold a special place in my heart because of her.

5. When does spring arrive where you live?
Well, I'm in Kansas. Spring usually means tornado season...yay! Kansas has really weird weather patterns. Until you're mid season, the weather tries to hold on from the previous season. So it could literally be 30 degrees one day, and 70 the next. But usually beginning of April starts our 'spring' weather...with no 30 degree'ers in between like March.

6. Most exciting fashion trend?
Hmmm, I tend to not follow 'trends' and mostly go with what I like. It works! So, selling vintage allows me to kind of have an eclectic mix of everything that just 'works' together.

Who's the next to be tagged? Well, let's see what
kitsch-y-cool Vintage has to say!


Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

That dress is super cutesy, perfect for Spring!

propriatrix said...

boy howdy I'll say! that clover is a lover !!