Friday, February 1, 2008

The Joy of....Van Raalte

Truly, you just don't know what you're missing until you feel the supremely soft fabrics and designs by Van Raalte...lingerie at its finest!

The company was started by Emanuel Van Raalte in 1913 and was first known for it's gloves, veils, stockings, and underwear. Eventually, the company transitioned into nightgowns, slips, peignoirs, and 'underthings'. Their tagline became "Because You Love Nice Things". An in-depth timeline and history can be found here at empressjade's blogspot.She has done extensive research and the blog is fabulous for helping to date your vintage Van Raalte piece.

One of my personal favorites is the petalskin line from Van Raalte. The nylon feels just like rose petals sweeping across delicate skin. Wow! You've got to try it for yourself...and this is the perfect place to start...

A Coral Pink Van Raalte Nylon Gown in Size 36 by Affaire d'Amour Vintage...ballet length gown features lovely embroidery, chiffon banding around the bust, fitted inset waist, and the color is woah! Valentine's Day is fast approaching, loves...get this!

I'll be back with more Van Raalte dreamy things later!

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